Lucrecia Dalt

Lucrecia Dalt will perform a soundtrack for a documentary by german filmmaker Werner Herzog as part of the upcoming Micro Mutek Festival in Barcelona, Spain on February 8th 2012 at Sala Apolo.

About performance: Is a soundtrack I'll perform live based on some images of the german director Werner Herzog that really moved me when I first saw them. Following the criteria "Wake up, the world belongs to us" proposed by the project director Anna Mastrolitto, I chose a documentary that explores images of the devastated oil fields after the first Gulf War, decontextualized in such a way as to emphasize the terrain's cataclysmic strangeness as if it was perspective of an almost alien observer. I am preparing a soundtrack in which I use electric guitar, bass, vocals and some drum lines, progressively recorded real time. It’s a very exciting project! 

The Colombian, Barcelona based experimental musician Lucrecia Dalt began her solo project around 2003 while she was still an active engineer who's job was to analyzing the soil depths for foundation approval. Her solo project made sense in a rich environment in development of electronic producers around the Series Media collaborative with whom she released her firsts experiments. Since then she's been working continuously in her project allowing change in order to conceive different types of songs that could fit under different genres from standard pop songs to hand crafted mental states. She has released her music with Series Media (CO), Mil Records (MX) and Monika Enterprise (DE) until her second LP Congost that was released on her own label Pruna Recordings. Lucrecia performs alone crafting sounds and improvising under the preconceived song structures with a bass guitar, vocals and various electronic devices. Soundclouds:Lucrecia Dalt